Frustration and Hope Revealed in the Kenya Anti-Corruption Survey

Kenya Citizens in Mombasa
Kenya Citizens in Mombasa discussing politics

Results from the Kenya Corruption Survey has been running for two weeks, and the results reveal the next phase in corruption fighting in this key East African state.  Initial results from Kenyans revealed a sense hopelessness.  One third of the initial results indicated that Kenyans didn’t feel that they could handle the corruption in their country on their own.  Despite these initially frustrated views, more Kenyans began to participate and the numbers began to reflect that the majority believed that they needed to pick better leaders, and that they needed to reject officials that demand bribes.

This simple shift reflects that Kenyans are looking to themselves to correct the corruption in their country.

This viewpoint will lead them out of the crippling dependency on foreign donors so common in developing countries and continue to build Kenya’s position as one of the Opinion Leaders in Africa.

Brian Pinkowski is an anti-corruption expert with Global Transitions & Development, LLC providing consulting and training for government institutions around the world.

Global Transitions & Development, LLC is currently conducting a Global Corruption Survey that can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Global Corruption Survey


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