Evolving Attitudes About Anti-Corruption

Sand Storm in Baghdad
The Diverse Impacts of Corruption

I am examining the global shift in attention to anticorruption matters and would like to test a hypothesis on the group.

It appears to me that catastrophic failures caused by large organizations (including government) centered fundamentally on profit, rather than product, is bringing new attention to the need to address the full spectrum of anticorruption activities. Ideas about anticorruption and organizational ethics are slowly being reconnected to the impact of actions on people and society.

As an indication, there is a broader call for ethics training in govt. and corporations, and discussions of corruption that encompass social as well as plain criminal matters. For example, linking the impact on community health programs due to the misuse of funds across an entire government. While there may or may not be actual criminal wrong doing, the community increasingly links the impact on their circumstances to “corruption.”

I am eager to hear the viewpoints of my colleagues on what seems to me to be a global evolution in thinking

Brian Pinkowski is an anti-corruption expert with Global Transitions & Development, LLC providing consulting and training for government institutions around the world.

Global Transitions & Development, LLC is currently conducting a Global Corruption Survey that can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Global Corruption Survey


Brian Pinkowski


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