79 Comments on “We Can’t Fix Corruption . . .”

“We Can’t Fix Corruption – It’s Part of Our Culture” has generated over 79 comments since I posted it on August 31.  The entire discussion stems from work at Global Transitions and Development on “New Tools for Fighting Corruption in Organizations.

Four of the comments are on this site, but 64 four comments jumped into the conversation on the LinkedIn “International Development” Group, and another 15 comments from the “Anti-Corruption Professionals” Group.

Real Anticorruption professionals “get it.”

Fighting corruption is much more than law enforcment.  It’s about changing culture.

Anticorruption must inspire people to raise above naked survival and stealing like animals to building societies capable of providing for our people and children for generations into the future.

The comments recieved have run the range of “angry” to “academic.”  Contributions have ranged from “education” to “throwing them all in jail.”  All of which are important to designing solutions.

The conversation is growing and clearly not finished.  I will post summaries of some of the most poignant comments from those public groups on LinkedIn for you to consider.

Brian Pinkowski


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