Algerian Corruption Fighters

Orthographic map of Algeria. Español: Mapa ort...
Orthographic map of Algeria. Español: Mapa ortográfico de Argelia. Română: Harta ortogonală a Algeriei. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Algerian Corruption Fighters have been making a steady increase in their  study of “How to Fight Corruption.”  Algeria is relatively quiet in the international news, but I have seen a dramatic increase in interest from Algerian corruption fighters, with over 300 visits during the last 4 months.  300 is not a large number, but is interesting because I haven’t been writing for Algerian corruption fighters, and am very unaware of their challenges.

Algeria hasn’t had quite the same level of upset that gets the attention of international media, but there is something going on there that has corruption fighters in a buzz.  Corruption is a popular subject in any election and Algeria has a big election coming up.  I am sure Algeria’s new ranking in the 2012 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index will be included in the discussions.

Visits to my blog from Algerian corruption fighters seems focussed on problems with HR, the impacts of nepotism, and general anticorruption topics.

Its possible that the visits are a result of my speaking tour in neighboring Morocco in 2011.  I was asked to speak at the 7th Pan- Africa Summit on Public Sector Modernization, made an additional 12 public presentations on topics ranging from the U.S. FCPA to building a National Anticorruption Strategy, and have made many friends in the process.

However, Algerian visitors are showing a very specific interest.

In the coming weeks I will be writing on controlling bribery, changing government behavior and elements of multi-generational strategy for fighting corruption and changing a culture of corruption.

To my Algerian colleagues – I would like to hear from our friends in Algeria to find out what your big challenges are and how we can help.

How to contact me:  If you type something in the comment box below – I will reply to you privately and no one will see your email address.

I will not approve your comment for posting without your specific permission.

I’d like to hear about what is happening in Algeria with the corruption fighters.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Brian Pinkowski


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