Media in the Fight Against Corruption

This video explores the role of media in carrying out the first act of justice – seeing that something is not right.

Complimenting the article about the Role of Media, the video examines the process of energizing both the young journalists and experienced media opinion leaders as they seek to create positive change in their countries with a return to investigative reporting skills.

I look forward to your comments.

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2 Replies to “Media in the Fight Against Corruption”

  1. The corruption can be effectively minimized only by the device of government itself.
    “The new democratic governance system can minimize eternal problems of the power such as corruption, infringement of rights and freedom under the imperfect legislation, etc. They are solved by cross check of several competing parties within the multi-polar democratic government: any blunders of the contender raises the rest participants’ chances for survival in the power. Therewith the mutual competition of several competitors is more objective and constantly active motivation for fight against corruption etc. than the whim of any one ‘National Leader’ or of a separate citizens.”
    Nevertheless, the fight against corruption is impossible without the help of media and conscious citizens.

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