Cyprus, Global Finances and Corruption

Looking at the financial problems in Cyprus, Europe and (shudder) the U.S., you don’t need an PhD in Economics to see that what’s happening is more than simply criminal misconduct.

I spend a lot of time on my blog talking about what corruption is, and how it affects society.  The bottom line: corruption is more than crime, and needs more than law enforcement to straighten things out.

Not all wrong behavior is illegal.

For that reason I completed two very short videos to get the idea across that the corruption is more than violation of the laws, it’s the process of decay – for our purposes – of society and groups,.

The first video looks at the definition of the word and how it applies to objects.

The second video looks at application of the word to individuals, groups and societies.

The topics in the videos are from a workshop I give on anticorruption and codes of conduct.

Destruction of Organizations and Nations

In my workshops on anticorruption and organizational decay, I will engage with the participants on how they could weaken the four components of a group to create a total failure or takeover of a fictitious nation.

By the end of the exercise, the participants discover the countless ways their own societies are being corrupted, and are typically clear about the sorts of action they can take to straighten things out within their own zones of control.

Organizations get good results and have a lot of fun with this exercise.

Brian Pinkowski

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