Favoritism and the Alien

ImageFavoritism in government procurement of people (hiring), services and material is a long standing complaint in every country. Despite attempts to fix the problem with “transparent processes”, very often in government, whether in democracies or other forms of government, the victors in the quest for leadership get the spoils.

Choices are always problematic. And leaders, like any other person, will tend to choose what they know and understand.

Consider this hypothetical: An Alien from District 19 (the movie) sends in a job application for your local government engineering job. He’s got the best credentials in the universe – literally.

The bare concepts of what should happen and what is just in such a situation drives home the idea that nepotism/favoritism operates on a gradient scale connected to a groups or person’s ideas about survival/personal and group interests.  Who do you trust?

As the current NSA surveillance upset is revealing, the answer to that question is in flux around the world.

Brian Pinkowski


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