Is Nepotism Really Criminal?

Nepotism and the Alien - but I have a good CV.
Nepotism and the Alien – but I have a good CV.

I’ve been having wrestling with the issue of Nepotism and its rational role in organizations and politics for some time.  Most recently I have been having a good dialogue with a colleague about the problems arising from criminalizing nepotism.

His comment:

“I cannot say that whether Nepotism is a crime or not but definitely it brings decline in the value system while hiring is done in government, quasi government, public or private sector. As a result the quality of human resource is compromised & principle of “right person for the right job” is defied. It also deprive competent people of the employment opportunity. Normally such appointments are done at senior positions & people already working at such places aspiring for these positions are denied the right to vertical mobility within the organization which demotivate them thus resulting in effected performance.”

My colleague is right, no doubt.  Nepotism can certainly be destructive, and places (imaginary) loyalty to individuals over organizational effectiveness.

I have written a few things that look at that side of the issue:

1.  Hiring and the Seeds of Organizational Corruption.

2.  Bad HR Practices Feed Corruption.

3.  and Favoritism and the Alien.

Favoritism and the Alien is my favorite.

While I am no apologist for nepotism and its destructive results, I can see both sides of the problem and, like the rest of the world, am struggling to find a responsible policy pathway.

However, I am clear that criminalizing all forms of poor choices is not the pathway to wisdom.

Brian Pinkowski

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2 Replies to “Is Nepotism Really Criminal?”

  1. Nepotism is an innate or finite feelings of any human being either affection or hate translated into an action which outcome determines the result being positive or negative. To favor is natural and there are attributes attached to that which are also dynamic and flexible as the person who did it. Nepotism as such can not be criminalized in the formal courts or legislated or coded. This is because it is not easy to determine the intention of nepotism but acts of nepotism that give negative impact to the society are very clear and there are ways to deter that administratively if all factors are taken into consideration. Example, if a wrong person is employed by a relative and failed to perform, there are already laws and procedures for that. In my opinion, criminalizing NEPOTISM as the word stands is not possible, but criminalizing those acts that constitute crimes as a result of nepotism because it can be so tricky and leave the accused at the mercy of the judiciary or can be used as a weapon for further victimization.

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