Most of Us Work in Anti-Corruption

Cover-NewToolsforFightingCorruptioninOrganizationsOne way or another, most of us work in anti-corruption. As part of law enforcement, as government employees, as members of the private sector, community groups and even in families – at one time or another, almost all of us are involved in trying to make things better.

My own journey in anti-corruption is not very different from your own in that it has been driven by the urge to help make things better.

Working on projects in over 20 countries and across multiple industry and government sectors, I can see that there is plenty of work to do by ordinary people trying to make things better.  Not all of us can be special investigators or prosecutors.  And not all corruption is a criminal matter.

In fact, other than scaring people with the possibility of discovery and prosecution, there is precious little available to strengthen organizations against decay.

In response to this need, I have written an eBook, New Tools in the Fight Against Corruption in Organization.  You don’t need to be  special investigator, forensic accountant, or prosecutor to fight corruption. These tools can be used by anyone working in any kind of an organization.

Use the diagnostic tools in this eBook  in your own fight against corruption.

During this time, I have found the root of most corruption and organizational decay flows from the issues described in this eBook.

Try out the tools in this eBook, and tell me about your experience.





Brian Pinkowski

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