Refugees, Failed Nations and Corruption

Refugees and Corruption
Refugees and Corruption

The weekly death toll and ongoing human tragedy of the refugee crisis internationally is stunning for several reasons.  First, despite all of the talk (and talk and talk) about humanitarian principles and human rights, the international community has not moved beyond shutting borders, denying visas, and tent cities to deal with the several refugee crises occurring around the world.

These crises are, of course, a direct result of the decay of nations – corruption.  Beyond merely theft of public assets and “Rule of Law” issues, these nations are failing at every level and forcing people to handle their survival in any means possible.  They take any risks to escape the risks they face in their own countries.  I’ve talked about the decay of groups and nations in my free ebook “New Tools in the Fight Against Organizational Corruption,” as well as in previous blog articles (here and here) and YouTube Videos.   In fact, this entire Blog site considers the decay of nations and groups and the role of corruption prevention.

Refugee Crisis Triage

The international community will have to move beyond closing borders and tent cities to handle the current waves of refugee crises.  They will have to look at the history of the economic integration of refugees, studies on the return of diaspora and international collaboration to support those nations that bear more than their fair share of refugee arrivals.

Corruption Prevention – national level

Refugees are, by definition, desperate, and bring with them ALL of the survival skills necessary for desparate families and communities when coming to unwelcoming lands.  Many of those survival skills are criminal in nature – but necessary for survival when confronted with unwilling and unfriendly “first world” countries.

Is there a connection between the reduction in international development spending and the increase in this humanitarian crisis?That’s not clear yet.  However, it is clear that the international community will also have to take much more responsibility for helping its neighbors develop to a point of stability to prevent such refugee crises in the future.

Education, competency of government officials, rule of law and economic development are key to prevent the corruption and catastrophic failure of nations.

Brian Pinkowski is an attorney and strategic communications consultant. He can be reached at

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