Refugees, Failed Nations and Corruption

Refugees are, by definition, desperate, and bring with them ALL of the survival skills necessary for desparate families and communities when coming to unwelcoming lands. Many of those survival skills are criminal in nature – but necessary for survival when confronted with unwilling and unfriendly “first world” countries.

FCPA, Nepotism and JP Morgan

Nepotism and J.P. Morgan is still a hot topic on the Internet. In a great article in Bloomberg, entitled “What’s the Difference Between U.S., Chinese Corruption?”, writer Jonathan Weil brings up many of the contradictions in the idea of criminalizing nepotism that I mention in “FCPA, JP Morgan vs. The Privileges of Government.”

11,000 readers: The Most Popular Anticorruption Articles

I am celebrating achieving over 10,000 readers this month with a recap of the best and (ahem) least popular of the blog pieces posted on this site. Well, actually, its 11, 371 today, and a hearty thank you. The most popular article I have written was on Fighting Nepotism with 700 individual readers (and discounting those […]

What is Anti-Corruption?

Working on USAID Anticorruption projects I have often found that anticorruption institutions need access to very simple materials that help explain what corruption is.  Something odd happens when people enter government around the world and they seem to shift from the idea