Security and Privacy as a Pretext to Hide Corruption?

But in some circumstances where privacy and security issues are raised it seems fair to ask, “Is this a pretext?”


Inability to Follow Instructions and Organizational Decay

Catching people at the top of the political food chain using sophisticated forensic and financial investigations is fun. (If the political will exists to do something about it after they have been caught.)

Unfortunately, those tools do not help change the culture that promotes a government culture unable to follow the rules.

Refugees, Failed Nations and Corruption

Refugees and Corruption
Refugees and Corruption

The weekly death toll and ongoing human tragedy of the refugee crisis internationally is stunning for several reasons.  First, despite all of the talk (and talk and talk) about humanitarian principles and human rights, the international community has not moved beyond shutting borders, denying visas, and tent cities to deal with the several refugee crises occurring around the world.

These crises are, of course, a direct result of the decay of nations – corruption.   Continue reading “Refugees, Failed Nations and Corruption”

FIFA Corruption – Above the Law

The arrests in Zurich of the sports world’s most powerful executives yesterday may signal an important change in what is arguably the most popular sport in the world. For decades, FIFA, its President Sepp Blatter, and his executive team have been unaffected by consistent accusations of corruption related to their choice of sports venues for […]